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What is happening in Tividale Park in 2021?

Sunday 23rd May 2021, 11am

Meet: at Tividale Community Hub, next to new car park / changing rooms

Annual General Meeting of Friends of Tividale Park

  • Meet at: Tividale Community Hub In Tividale Park
    Email hub@tividale-park.org.uk

2020 news

Tividale Allotment Association Held their AGM in this year at parks community hub early this year before the lockdown came into force. The group are associate members of Friends of Tividale Park and were looking forward to making more regular use of the new facilities. 

Friends of Tividale Park are inviting nominations
for 2021 committee members.

Tividale Fitness Army have applied for a grant for exercise equipment and look forward to being able to recommence weekly events.

In May 2020 Friends of Tividale Park were awarded a £500 grant to put on an event in Tividale Park – we are currently looking for volunteers interested in helping make this happen.

Re-establishment of the Football changing rooms

It is our long-term goal to re-establish toilets and showers in the changing rooms – this work has been delayed by the Covid 19 outbreak. We would also like the hardcore area outside the Community Hub tarmaced and lighting to make the area more user-friendly. This was completed May 2021 thanks to a government grant.

2019 News

Community Litterpick to celebrate Tividale Parks 92nd Birthday

Bat Walk September 2019

Thanks for everyone who came to our Batwalk in autumn, lots of fun had and great turn out as ever.

Thanks to the Black Country and Wildlife Trust for their support.

Tividale Park Community hub
Tividale Park Community Hub - Interior main room (prior to tarmacing of the yard in 2021)
Tividale Park Community Hub - Exterior Rear / Side

Friends of Tividale Park, who have worked closely for a number of years with Sandwell Council have been able to secure a Community Hub for Tividale Park. This facility was officially opened by Councillor Maria Crumpton, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities on Saturday 6th July.

  • The Hub is a base for the park residents and volunteers as well as Tividale Fitness Army, who meet regularly, Tividale Gardening, Social and Friendship group
  • We look forward to the community making the most of this facility and the establishing of regular Tea and Coffee morning, Friendship Groups, Book Groups, Arts and Crafts, Regularly meetings, etc.

To book use the contact form below or email hub@tividale-park.org.uk 

Main Room Facilities

20 Fold up Chairs
2 fold up tables

Arrange to suit.

  • E.g. both tables laid out can accommodate 10 chairs in a meeting format.
  • Alternately combinations of one table used and chairs arranged in rows can be used.
  • While not in use, tables and chairs can be put in storage – user to arrange in advance



Office Facilities

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Book case
  • First Aid
  • Fridge
  • Kettle
For Toilet and water facilities see below

The Essentials

  • For people who book and use the facility, car parking and toilet and water access are available soon through key access to the toilets in the football changing rooms.
  • Regularly users would be invited to have representation at the monthly meeting of Friends of Tividale Park, meeting held in the Community Hub.
  • Insurance – The Facility as a building is issued by Sandwell Council, some of the property within in is covered by Friends of Tividale Park insurance.
  • Facility users will agree to a set of conditions upon use, these covers but are not limited to key holding, housekeeping, accepting the Sandwell Council Safeguarding policies.

From Overgrown Wasteland to Community Hub in just 3 years - photo diary